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In a symphony of thoughtful lyricism and graceful melancholia, Alex Nicol’s latest musical venture, “Simple Fires,” emerges as a poignant reflection on a natural world under siege by ignorance, governmental inaction, and corporate industrial greed. Like a masterful painter, Nicol casts a withering gaze upon a landscape being laid to waste, each note and word a brushstroke illustrating the dire consequences of our collective apathy.

Originally conceived as a figurative exploration of a world aflame with metaphorical fires, the song takes on an even greater weight in the face of ecological destruction and corporate avarice that has literally set our world ablaze. The languid guitars and softly glimmering strings may not immediately evoke the dark orange hue of wildfire smoke, but Nicol’s dreamy, impressionistic lyrics serve as a fogged window, revealing his overt concerns about environmental collapse.

“Simple Fires” stands as a resolute response to the unforgiving Canadian wildfires of 2023, their origins traced back to emissions from gas, oil, and coal companies. In this musical outcry, Nicol takes direct aim at the fossil fuel industry, unmasking their role in the planet’s destruction all for the pursuit of profit. This compelling narrative is but a glimpse into the forthcoming album, ‘Been A Long Year Vol.1 & Vol.2’, where Nicol fearlessly tackles a myriad of societal issues through his art.

While ‘Volume 1’ of Nicol’s musical anthology delves into the personally reflective and metaphorical, its successor, ‘Volume 2’, takes a more overt and direct approach. The lead single, “Working On My Tan,” explores the difficulty of disconnecting from daily pressures in favor of finding solace in the natural world. The poignant “Song For Franz” serves as a bittersweet eulogy dedicated to Nicol’s late uncle, resonating with a broader theme of how societal expectations force men to suppress their emotions. Finally, the revelation that is “Simple Fires” calls out the destructive practices of the fossil fuel industry.

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In the grand tapestry of ‘Been A Long Year Vol.1 & Vol.2’, Nicol demonstrates his deft ability to intermingle the personal and the universal, weaving together the intricacies of human emotion with the complexities of global issues. The two volumes, each a different facet of the same artistic coin, converge to create an album-length statement. For those eager to preview Nicol’s profound exploration, the singles “Working On My Tan” and “Simple Fires” are available now, offering a glimpse into the sonic journey that awaits.


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