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In the heart of Prague emerges an artist, NOANNE, whose creative resonance paints vivid landscapes of raw emotions and challenges conventional perspectives. She is a delightful enigma, finding solace within her introverted nature and drawing inspiration from the stages of theater, the reels of film, the realms of music, and the captivating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a mesmerizing tapestry of sound, she invites listeners into her realm of introspection and self-discovery, standing boldly against the tide of conformity.

NOANNE’s latest release, the acoustic version of “Goodwill,” unveils a unique and poignant exploration of the darker facets of the holiday season. Departing from the typical festive cheer, the accompanying video is a narrative masterpiece, delving into the intricacies of loneliness and introspection during a time traditionally associated with joy and togetherness.

The visual journey unfolds in an old Hollywood style, where NOANNE, adorned in a shimmering white dress, delivers an emotionally charged performance on a theater stage. The stark contrast against the black curtains and stage symbolizes the darkness that often lurks amidst the glitter and glamour, emphasizing the timeless nature of the narrative. The deliberate absence of specific time references allows the message to transcend temporal boundaries, creating a universally enduring impact.

Photo credit: @photogothica

As the video progresses, it skillfully interweaves scenes of NOANNE navigating through the city, embodying a solitary figure in the midst of festive hustle. A poignant twist emerges as she carries a Christmas present, symbolizing the gift of understanding and embracing one’s solitude. This visual metaphor powerfully communicates the idea that loneliness can be a profound and insightful experience, offering a deeper comprehension of our true selves.

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The acoustic rendition of “Goodwill” offers a distinct vibe, resonating more deeply with the introspective and sombre themes of the song. Unplanned but purposeful, this version reflects the artist’s desire to challenge conventional expectations of festivity and happiness during the Christmas season. It stands as a bold and artistic statement, inviting viewers to explore the darker, more reflective side of the holidays.

NOANNE’s creative vision shines through, blending the elegance of old Hollywood with a narrative that acknowledges and honours the complexity of human emotions. The acoustic video for “Goodwill” transcends the ordinary, inviting us to embrace the profound beauty that lies within the shadows of the holiday season. It stands as a testament to NOANNE’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and providing a unique and enriching experience for her audience.


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