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In the heart of San Francisco, where the vibrant music scene thrives, songwriter Alexi Rose Belchere embarked on a musical journey that would give birth to Nocean Beach. As a member of the dream punk ensemble gloomy june, Belchere yearned to seize every opportunity to perform, leading her to create a musical project tailored for intimate settings and unconventional stages. Thus, Nocean Beach emerged, crafting a unique sound that echoes through grungy club shows, garage performances, and even the elusive generator-powered sand dunes concerts.

The Birth of Nocean Beach:

Motivated by the desire to say “yes” to every show, Belchere set out to write six songs, laying the foundation for Nocean Beach. These compositions, a reflection of Belchere’s journey, embody a dreamy, crunchy, twangy, and groovy fusion that encapsulates the essence of pop music. The result? The perfect soundtrack for yelling along at live performances or losing oneself in contemplation while gazing at the sea.

“Weak Nights” – A Dive into Relationship Limbo:

Nocean Beach’s debut single, “Weak Nights,” is a collaborative masterpiece featuring fellow Text Me Publishing writer Taifa Nia. The song delves into the nuanced and uncomfortable phase of dating, where emotions hang delicately between casual encounters and defining the relationship. It artfully explores the fear of expressing one’s feelings, a sentiment that resonates with anyone who has navigated the murky waters of budding romance.

Speaking about the collaboration with Taifa Nia, Nocean Beach expresses admiration for the vivid imagery painted by Nia’s verses. The lyrics capture the relatable moments of transition, from solitary contemplation to the chaotic energy of a house party. Producer Leviathe’s contribution to the track is equally lauded, with a sound design that defies conventions, ranging from the whimsical notes of a jack-in-the-box to the ethereal echoes of a slowed-down voice. In a world saturated with mainstream pop, Nocean Beach’s refreshing and innovative approach sets them apart.

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Nocean Beach’s journey, from the inception of the project to the release of “Weak Nights,” is a testament to the power of creative expression and the pursuit of authenticity in music. As they navigate the waves of emotion and relationship complexities, listeners are invited to join them on a sonic adventure that is both familiar and refreshingly new. With a commitment to pushing musical boundaries, Nocean Beach is poised to make waves in the indie music scene, offering a unique blend of sounds that captivate the soul and resonate with the depths of human experience.


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