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As the curtains rise on 2024, Jakob The Liar, also known as Jakob Kupferberg, sets the stage for a captivating musical journey with his latest release, ‘Sunchild.’ Following the triumphs of ‘H E A R T B E A T’ and ‘Vi@gr@ Falls & P!$ Graffiti’ in 2023, Jakob’s renaissance anthem promises a rich sonic experience that transcends genres, blending folk, world music, orchestral, and indie pop elements into a tapestry of sound. Let’s explore the depths of ‘Sunchild’ and the compelling narrative that accompanies this transformative musical venture.

‘Sunchild’ emerges as a colossal track, featuring a layered soundscape that includes emotive vocals, acoustic guitars, transcendental atmospherics, and a tribal rhythmic feel complemented by a majestic horn section. The progressive musical arrangement draws inspiration from Jakob’s diverse influences, creating a complete artistic renaissance that seamlessly integrates musical reference points from his journey.

Lyrically, the song takes us on a journey of existential rebirth, inspired by Jakob’s personal experience of overcoming a paralyzing illness and navigating a period of social isolation. The life-affirming lyrics coupled with anthemic melodies reflect a rare introspective yet hopeful audacity that resonates with listeners, providing a beacon of optimism in the face of life’s challenges.

In Jakob’s own words, “Sunchild is a song about starting over.” Regardless of where one finds themselves in life or the obstacles they face, the track serves as a reminder that it is never too late to turn things around. This universal message of resilience and renewal is embedded in the very fabric of ‘Sunchild,’ making it a timeless anthem for those seeking a fresh start in 2024.

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Born in Denmark and culturally enriched by a global perspective, Jakob Kupferberg is a multifaceted singer-songwriter and musician. His creative journey began at a young age, using his dad’s battered guitars as an escape from a turbulent upbringing. A turning point came with a medically-induced paralysis, prompting Jakob to re-evaluate his life and musical trajectory. As he recovered, guided by an inner voice, Jakob’s music evolved, resulting in the release of EPs under his civil name, Jakob Kupferberg.

Taking inspiration from his eclectic musical tastes and experiences, Jakob adopted the stage alter ego, Jakob The Liar. The name draws from Jurek Becker’s book ‘Jacob The Liar,’ and encapsulates Jakob’s unique blend of folk, pop, and rock that explores the extremes of the human experience. With influences ranging from Jeff Buckley’s vulnerability to Thom Yorke’s artistic pursuits, Jakob’s music is a testament to a life lived unpredictably and uncompromisingly.

‘Sunchild’ stands as the third single from Jakob The Liar’s upcoming EP, ‘Wake Up Mr. Kupferberg.’ As we embark on the musical journey of 2024, Jakob is poised to make it a year of excitement and lasting memories. With a message of hope woven into the very fabric of ‘Sunchild,’ Jakob The Liar invites us all to embrace new beginnings and discover the transformative power of music. As the sun rises on this renaissance anthem, let the melodies of ‘Sunchild’ inspire a fresh start and a renewed sense of purpose in the hearts of listeners around the world.


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