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In the heart of the indie rock scene, a musical alchemy unfolds, and its name is ‘See Me Run,’ the brainchild of The Bankes Brothers. Born from the camaraderie of brothers Nelson and Morgan Bankes, lead guitarist Carson Cleaver, and drummer Gray Oxley, this quartet from Victoria, BC, embarked on a musical journey that culminated in their debut EP, ‘In Waves.’ This article delves into the magical genesis of ‘See Me Run,’ exploring the dynamic chemistry between the band members and their quest to redefine indie rock.

The Bankes Brothers’ musical odyssey began to take shape a mere three days after their first gig, a testament to the undeniable chemistry that binds them. The inception of ‘See Me Run’ came just ten days after the brothers decided to form a band, a whirlwind of creativity set into motion by guitarist Carson Cleaver’s lighthearted challenge to write five songs in a week. Rising to the occasion, the brothers not only met but exceeded this challenge, with ‘See Me Run’ emerging as the jewel in the crown of their debut EP.

“This one is sentimental to our band because it was the first song ever written and recorded. We made a demo the same week as our first gig, so essentially, this was the song that solidified in our minds that we are, in fact, a band.”

Morgan Bankes.

As Morgan Bankes reflects on the significance of ‘See Me Run,’ the sentimentality echoes through the song, making it a cornerstone of The Bankes Brothers’ musical identity. It stands as a testament to their swift formation as a band, encapsulating the essence of their journey from inception to the release of the much-anticipated ‘In Waves’ EP.

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The narrative of The Bankes Brothers takes a captivating turn with the formation of the quartet in a Victoria pool hall one Friday night in 2017. The serendipity of their musical compatibility unfolded as they played their first gig just a week later, leaving former high school classmates in awe. The band’s relentless pursuit of their sound faced a temporary hiatus during the pandemic, only to resurge with a refined sense of direction and purpose.

With ‘In Waves,’ their debut EP, The Bankes Brothers aim to illuminate the indie rock scene and captivate audiences worldwide. Comprising six tracks, this musical concoction is a burst of dopamine, overflowing with irresistibly catchy melodies, exhilarating vocals, and joyous indie-rock instrumentation. The influence of musical legends, from Elvis to The Strokes, Paul Simon to The Pixies, is palpable, defying sonic parallels yet maintaining a welcoming familiarity.

In the turbulent sea of indie rock, The Bankes Brothers ride the sonic tide with ‘See Me Run’ at the helm, steering their musical vessel towards uncharted territories. The In Waves EP stands as a testament to their resilience, creativity, and unwavering passion for delivering a musical experience that transcends boundaries. As the world eagerly awaits the release, The Bankes Brothers are poised to make waves that resonate far beyond the shores of Victoria, BC.


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