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Denmark’s sensational pop artist, Theresa Rex, is set to rock the start of 2024 with a pulsating and upbeat friend-break-up anthem titled ‘Bad Blood.’ This track marks her return to the solo spotlight after a year of electrifying collaborations with international electronic artists, securing a #1 hit on the US Dance Chart and amassing over 1 billion streams on Spotify.

In the past year, Theresa Rex has been making waves globally, teaming up with renowned electronic artists like Danish MORTEN, German Wankelmut, and Dutch sensation AFROJACK. The latter collaboration even reached the pinnacle of the US Dance Chart in the summer of 2023, solidifying Theresa’s position as a rising star in the international music scene.

Now, Theresa Rex is ready to bare her own heart and soul with the release of ‘Bad Blood’ on January 5th, 2024. The track dives deep into the emotional rollercoaster of a close friendship turned sour, exploring themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the pain of losing a friend. Theresa shares, “’ Bad Blood’ is the story of two friends – a close friendship in that ‘blood pact,’ ride or die-kind of way. But also, the song is about the ultimate betrayal, because she stole my boyfriend.”

Recorded alongside Danish producer Lasse Baunkilde (known for his work with Astrid S and Christopher) and artist/songwriter Daniel Schulz, ‘Bad Blood’ encapsulates Theresa Rex’s journey. The song captures the essence of forging bonds, the heartbreak of betrayal, and the difficulty of accepting the end of a cherished friendship.

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Theresa Rex’s journey to success has been extraordinary. Growing up with dreams of becoming a jazz singer, she embraced a busker lifestyle. Destiny had other plans, and she was discovered on a local town square, leading to her voice echoing on BBC Radio 1, dominating TV shows across Europe, and reverberating through festival and club speakers worldwide.

Known as the voice behind global smash-hits like ‘Solo Dance’ by DJ Martin Jensen and ‘What I Like About You’ with UK hitmaker Jonas Blue, Theresa Rex has consistently delivered platinum-charting records. Collaborations like ‘Let Me Go’ with AFROJACK showcase her versatility, establishing her as a chart-topper in more than 13 countries.

With ‘Bad Blood,’ Theresa Rex invites listeners into her world, sharing personal experiences through a catchy and vibrant pop anthem. As she kicks off 2024 with this infectious track, it’s evident that Theresa Rex is not just an artist; she’s a storyteller, weaving narratives that resonate across the globe. Stay tuned for the release on January 5th and witness the next chapter in Theresa Rex’s musical journey.


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