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In the eclectic realm of music, Wayne Whittaker’s brainchild, Pigeon Club, emerges as a vibrant tapestry woven with multi-instrumentalist prowess and introspective lyricism. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, Whittaker has not only crafted his own musical haven but has also left his indelible mark collaborating with notable artists like Dawes, Diane Coffee, and Haerts.

Pigeon Club’s eagerly awaited second album, “Another Year In The Minors,” is a testament to the seamless collaboration with Grammy-winning co-producers John Would and Amy Wood, known for their work with luminaries like Fiona Apple and Warren Zevon. Together, with a stellar ensemble of friends and backing musicians, they’ve inadvertently chronicled a significant transitional period in the life of the songwriter.

Sonically, Pigeon Club defies categorisation, skilfully navigating between indie singer-songwriter vibes, Beatle-esque power-pop flourishes, and playful nods to the timeless allure of “dad rock.” As a songwriter, Wayne Whittaker delves into the depths of self-reflection, doubt, anxiety, and the minutiae of everyday life. His lyrical canvas is a harmonious blend of emotional transparency and self-effacing humour, inviting listeners into a world where vulnerability is celebrated.

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The latest single, ‘Liar,’ is a lush indie rock opus that dissects the aftermath of a defence mechanism malfunction, adorned with humour and heart. Whittaker reveals, “This was a really hard song to write,” acknowledging the exposure inherent in its three-minute exploration. The themes touched upon are undeniably human, confirming Whittaker’s humanity.

Survival skills for those ill-equipped
To navigate life’s turbulent grip,
Seek a softer landing
The damage notwithstanding

The lyrics read like a relational autopsy report, reaching a poignant climax with the acknowledgement, “We’ve reached the point where you’ll admit / You don’t know who you’re living with.” The accompanying music video for ‘Liar’ unfolds a captivating narrative featuring a travelling entertainer and his puppet sidekick. Through card tricks, sleight of hand, and genuine magic, the duo struggles to captivate an audience. It becomes apparent that however successful the illusion is, the toll of deception weighs heavily. Yet, as the curtain falls, the show must go on.

In the kaleidoscopic world of Pigeon Club, Wayne Whittaker lays bare the human experience through his musical journey. ‘Another Year In The Minors’ promises to be a compelling chapter in this ongoing saga, inviting listeners to traverse the intricate landscapes of emotion and self-discovery. As Pigeon Club soars to new heights, it’s clear that the melodies crafted by Whittaker resonate not only in the ears but also in the hearts of those who lend them an ear.


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