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Amidst the faded hues of childhood memories captured in a photo book lies the genesis of Hollow Coves’ latest musical endeavour. After a hiatus of five years, Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson delve into their past to craft the essence of their upcoming album, “Nothing To Lose.” Their aim? To counter the pervasive anxiety and exhaustion inherent in today’s fast-paced world by rediscovering the beauty in the mundane: from dawn surf sessions along Australia’s Gold Coast to wandering through the vast expanses of America’s national parks, and even reveling in the meticulous artistry of film, vinyl, or woodworking.

This album, a tapestry woven from life’s myriad experiences, traverses the spectrum of human existence. It touches upon themes of resilience and progression (“Milk & Honey,” “Letting Go”), the cherished bonds of family (“Photographs”), and the pursuit of aspirations (“On The Way,” “Let’s Go”), all underscored by the imperative of authenticity (“Harder To Fake It,” “Nothing To Lose”).

Collaborating with their tight-knit musical community from the beach-town, Hollow Coves, led by the guiding hands of Matt Corby and assisted by a talented ensemble including Matt Carins’ wife Molly and brother Ryan, refine their signature melodies and poignant storytelling at Rainbow Valley Studio.

Reflecting on the album’s evocative title, “Nothing to Lose,” the band shares its serendipitous discovery, highlighting its resonance across the album’s thematic landscape. With singles like “Photographs,” “On The Way,” and “Milk and Honey” already capturing hearts, the album promises a collection of ten vibrant and soul-stirring compositions.

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As Hollow Coves prepare to embark on a tour of the UK, Europe, and North America in 2024, anticipation surges. Garnering acclaim for their “stunning harmonies” and likened to the likes of Jackson Browne and Arcade Fire, the band is poised to enchant larger audiences than ever before. Below are the dates for their UK and European tour:

Hollow Coves – UK + European Tour 2024
March 26 – Gebäude 9 – Cologne, Germany
March 28 – Muziekgieterij – Maastricht, Netherlands
March 29 – TivoliVredenburg, Ronda – Utrecht, Netherlands
March 30 – Zeche Carl – Essen, Germany
March 31 – Uebel & Gefaehrlich – Hamburg, Germany
April 2 – Columbia Theater – Berlin, Germany
April 3 – MEETFACTORY – Prague, Czech Republic
April 4 – Simm City – Vienna, Austria
April 5 – Technikum – Munich, Germany
April 7 – Magazzini Generali – Milan, Italy
April 8 – Komplex 457 – Zurich, Switzerland
April 9 – Les Docks – Lausanne, Switzerland
April 11 – halle02 – Heidelberg, Germany
April 12 – Opderschemlz – Dudelange, Luxembourg
April 13 – Le Trabendo – Paris, France
April 14 – AB Ballroom – Brussels, Belgium
April 16 – O2 Forum Kentish Town, London, United Kingdom
April 17 – Brudenell Social Club – Leeds, United Kingdom
April 18 – Academy 2 – Manchester, United Kingdom (early + late show)


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