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Get ready to ignite your auditory senses because Berlin and Oslo are about to collide in a spectacular sonic explosion! MILDFIRE, the brainchild of Norwegian indie sensations Einar Stray Orchestra, is set to drop their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Kids In Traffic’, out now, and it’s poised to set the music world ablaze.

At the heart of this collective’s mesmerizing sound is their first single, ‘Never Change’, now revamped and reimagined for this special release. Described as a delicate blend of alt-folk and indie, ‘Never Change’ encapsulates themes of love, apology, and the delicate dance of preserving mental well-being. But what sets this rendition apart is its raw, unfiltered intimacy, capturing the very essence of MILDFIRE’s electrifying live performances.

Fronted by the enigmatic Einar Stray, whose signature baritone and soulful falsetto intertwine effortlessly, MILDFIRE boasts an ensemble of musical virtuosos. With the ethereal vocals of Ofelia Ossum from Team Me, the haunting melodies of cellist Ofelia Ossum, and the rhythmic mastery of Lars Fremmerlid on drums, this collective weaves a sonic tapestry unlike any other.

Having already made waves with their debut EP, ‘Drinking Salt Water’, MILDFIRE continues to push the boundaries of indie art pop, drawing inspiration from eclectic sources ranging from Steve Reich to Prince. Their sonic odyssey, ‘How To Be An Astronaut’, dazzled critics with its audacious experimentation, while the ‘Shirin EP’ added another layer of atmospheric depth to their ever-evolving repertoire.

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But MILDFIRE is more than just a musical ensemble; they’re a cultural phenomenon. From commanding stages internationally to collaborating with artists across the globe, this quartet is on a mission to redefine the boundaries of indie music. Whether they’re directing choirs, spinning vinyl, or immersing themselves in cross-cultural collaborations, MILDFIRE’s passion for their craft knows no bounds.

So mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a musical journey like no other. With ‘Kids In Traffic’, MILDFIRE invites you to lose yourself in a world of sonic enchantment, where every note is a testament to the boundless power of creativity and collaboration.


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