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Hannah Rose Platt, the maestro of melancholy and the siren of storytelling, has crafted a musical tapestry that seamlessly intertwines the haunting lyricism reminiscent of Nick Cave and Tom Waits with the ethereal vocals akin to the likes of Mazzy Star and PJ Harvey. In her world, genre becomes a vessel for narrative, and she skillfully transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, finding beauty in the shadows.

Billboard has bestowed upon her the title of “a rising independent star on the UK scene,” recognizing the undeniable talent that sets her apart in the musical landscape. Glamour’s prophetic praise, labeling her as a “captivating artist destined for musical stardom,” resonates with the emotive power she injects into her work. Harper’s Bazaar adds to the chorus, describing her music as “powerful and affecting,” a testament to the emotional depth embedded in her compositions.

Collaborating with Grammy Award-winning luminaries such as Mark Fain, Stuart Duncan, and Andrea Zonn, Hannah Rose Platt has etched her name among the elite. Her recent collaboration with artist and producer Ed Harcourt on the debut album ‘Deathbed Confessions’ for Xtra Mile Recordings is a testament to her continuous evolution as an artist.

Not content with conventional boundaries, Hannah takes a bold step into the realm of the macabre with her latest venture, the mini horror show EP ‘Hypnagogia.’ This auditory journey, featuring narration from BAFTA nominated actor David Morrissey, showcases her willingness to push artistic boundaries and explore the uncharted territories of sound and storytelling.

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In the symphony of independent music, Hannah Rose Platt stands as a luminary, casting her spell with evocative tales and haunting melodies, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of musical artistry. The journey through the shadows with Hannah is not just a musical experience; it’s a transformative odyssey into the realms of emotion and imagination.


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