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Step into the world of Rex and the Rhythm (Rex), a musical luminary whose journey through sound knows no bounds. From the lush landscapes of Barbados to the bustling beats of the UK charts, Rex’s story is one woven with rhythm, melody, and a touch of stardust.

Born amidst the echoing melodies of Eddy Grant’s historic plantation in Barbados, Rex’s musical odyssey began at the tender age of nine when he first laid hands on the drums. But his passion for music didn’t stop there. With the curiosity of a true artist, he soon mastered the guitar and bass, setting the stage for a career that would leave an indelible mark on the music industry.

At just 15, Rex found himself at the heart of the Carib-pop sensation, Cover Drive, where his talents as a drummer and co-vocalist propelled the band to meteoric heights. With chart-topping hits like “Twilight” and performances alongside icons like Rihanna and Lauryn Hill, Rex’s star was on the rise.

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But true to his restless spirit, Rex sought new horizons, embarking on a solo journey that would redefine his sound and shape his destiny. Graduating from Full Sail University in 2020, he unleashed his debut EP, #127 Solace, a mesmerizing blend of Caribbean warmth and alternative R&B cool.

In 2022, Rex took to the stage once more, this time as the opening act for Ashanti at The Hennessy Artistry festival in his beloved Barbados. And just months later, he unveiled his sophomore project, Secrets Behind Our Smiles, a testament to his ever-evolving artistry and boundless creativity.

Now, with his latest single, “Highs & Grows,” Rex invites listeners on a cosmic voyage through the realms of psychedelic soul, alt-pop, and hip-hop. Drawing inspiration from 90s legends like Outkast and A Tribe Called Quest, the track pulsates with live percussion, electrifying guitar riffs, and lyrics that speak to the highs and lows of the human experience.

But it’s not just the music that captivates; it’s the visual feast of the music video, directed by the visionary DannyJFilms, that truly brings Rex’s vision to life. With nods to Outkast’s iconic “Hey Ya!” video, the visuals serve as a window into Rex’s creative soul, a place where authenticity reigns supreme and sincerity is the ultimate currency.

So join Rex and the Rhythm on this cosmic journey of musical evolution. With each beat, each lyric, and each transcendent harmony, you’ll discover a world where the possibilities are endless and the music never stops.

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