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In the frosty embrace of the North, U Men Touch emerges once again, unveiling their latest sonic offering: the five-track EP, “Purify.” This auditory expedition, more steeped in electronic hues than their preceding Pop Rock venture, “Sixth Sense,” which graced our ears back in 2018, ventures into the depths of essential concepts in this freshly minted millennium.

“Purify” beckons listeners into a journey of introspection, each track a poignant exploration of the human experience. From the cleansing of the soul amidst reverence for nature in the titular track, to the desiccation of the spirit in a world shrouded in shades of gray depicted in “Dry,” the EP traverses a myriad of emotional landscapes.

“Jim” delves into the melancholy departure of a cherished soul, while “Mirror-Mirror” confronts the harrowing turmoil of transgender existence within a cold, indifferent world. The EP culminates with “Blue Earth Darling,” an instrumental opus that transcends words, offering a heartfelt homage to our battered yet beautiful planet.

The sonic tapestry woven by U Men Touch is a testament to unity amidst diversity, as artists from disparate backgrounds converge to articulate a shared vision. Jérôme Sandron, the mastermind behind the electro atmospheres, finds harmony with Joe Col’s resounding guitar riffs, while Oli Scattone injects elements of French Touch rhythm and Hard Rock into the mix.

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As Nietzsche once professed, to live without music is to err gravely. With “Purify,” U Men Touch not only furnishes our auditory senses but also invites us to contemplate the profound depths of our existence, one melody at a time.


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