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Prepare to be transported into a realm of atmospheric allure as Minneapolis-based trio Diamond Lake unveils their latest album, “Noir.” This mesmerizing musical offering showcases a distinctive vein of rock, immersing listeners in an expressive sonic landscape like no other.

Drawing inspiration from the collective unease prevalent in our modern world, Diamond Lake weaves songs that explore the profound impact of technology on our lives. What happens when you bring together a visual artist, a filmmaker, and a software guru to form a rock band? The answer lies in the mesmerizing soundscape created by Diamond Lake. Their music exudes both spirited energy and moments of melancholy, embracing a raw yet intelligent essence. It’s a fusion that defies categorization, simultaneously captivating the senses without conforming to traditional dance music or embracing the clichés of emo. Like a captivating film, Diamond Lake’s music hits you at the moment, leaving an indelible imprint that lingers for days.

But Diamond Lake’s artistry extends far beyond their studio recordings. Their live performances are a truly immersive experience, a visual feast that incorporates film, art, and animation. It’s an expressive reflection of their storytelling prowess, beautifully complementing the music itself.

Formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2012 before eventually finding its creative home in Minneapolis in 2014, Diamond Lake comprises the talents of Jarrod Riddle (vocals/guitars/keys), Ollie Bauer (drums/programming), and Andy Gruhn (bass/keyboards).

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Their musical journey began with the release of their debut studio album, “Spirits,” in 2014, showcasing their dynamic sound and melody-driven approach. This was followed by the captivating EP “Changes” in late 2018, infusing their music with a dance-rock sensibility. Their cinematic EP, “Mirrors,” further solidified their reputation as creators of evocative sonic landscapes in 2019.

“Noir” is the latest chapter in Diamond Lake’s musical odyssey, an album that invites you to step into their enigmatic world. Brace yourself for a cinematic journey through expressive rock, where each track unfolds like a captivating scene, leaving an indelible mark on your musical psyche. Embark on this sonic adventure and let Diamond Lake guide you into the depths of their noir-infused universe.


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