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DJ Remo, also known as Remigiusz Łupicki, is no stranger to the vibrant tapestry of the Polish electronic music scene. His reemergence with the single “On My Mind (da da da)” marks a significant moment for both fans and industry insiders alike.

Łupicki’s legacy in Polish music extends beyond his artistic endeavors; his contributions on the business front, including the founding of My Music and the MUGO platform, underscore his unwavering passion and commitment to the industry’s growth.

With “On My Mind (da da da),” DJ Remo orchestrates a comeback that blends nostalgia with a modern sonic palette. The track beckons attention with its infectious melody and effortless charm, tapping into the burgeoning slap house genre, particularly evident in its vocal treatment.

As for its success, only time will tell. Yet, what’s undeniable is the track’s solid execution and its pivotal role in DJ Remo’s resurgence. “On My Mind (da da da)” emerges as a significant proposition in the music market, poised to resonate with dance music aficionados.

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In this single, DJ Remo signals that his musical odyssey is far from over, hinting at the evolution of his signature style. It serves as a prelude to a series of forthcoming releases, promising a sonic journey that fans eagerly anticipate.

As we await the unfolding chapters of DJ Remo’s career, one thing remains certain: his return signifies not just a comeback, but a reinvigoration—a promise of fresh, innovative projects yet to grace our ears. The stage is set, and the spotlight beckons. Let’s tune in and see where the beat takes us next.


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