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Close to Monday takes you on an electrifying journey through European Electronic Rock, where their albums “Interference” and “Secret Wishes” have soared to the top of the Deutsche Alternative Charts. Their music videos “Guns” and “Split” have claimed victory at esteemed international festivals in London, Rome, and Paris, weaving visual narratives that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Collaborating with electronic music luminaries such as AKA AKA, Biicla, Dirty Doering, Mollono.Bass, and Ron Flatter, Close to Monday pushes boundaries and explores innovative sonic landscapes. Their music serves as a guide for those on a journey of self-discovery, capturing snapshots of feelings and emotions familiar to all.

Inspired by the ancient symbolism of Scandinavian runes, Close to Monday’s new logo embodies strength, success, and the ever-flowing passage of time. These symbols serve as guardians, accompanying listeners on their musical odyssey

through life’s highs and lows.

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For Close to Monday, music is more than just a destination; it’s a journey—a voyage that transcends borders and emotions, inviting listeners to embark on an odyssey from one feeling to another, from one country to the next. So, as Monday looms on the horizon, let Close to Monday’s music be your companion—a soundtrack to the moments of serenity, joy, and reflection before the new week begins.


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