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Dive into the enchanting world of Permanent Moves, where indie-electro-folk-rock meets the soul-stirring narratives of Anton Chekhov. Meet Shane Chapman and Julia Sirna-Frest, the dynamic duo from the heart of Brooklyn whose musical journey began in 2016, fuelled by the serendipity of found texts and a shared passion for storytelling through sound.

What sets Permanent Moves apart is their knack for weaving together eclectic orchestrations and ethereal harmonies that tug at the heartstrings and ignite the imagination. It’s no wonder The New York Times has hailed their sonic tapestries as “Sonically Gorgeous” — a testament to their ability to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners.

From commanding stages with a 15-person ensemble to stripping down to the intimate essence of a duo, Permanent Moves effortlessly traverse the musical landscape, channeling the essence of luminaries like Neko Case, Sufjan Stevens, and Elbow while forging a path uniquely their own.

Now, brace yourselves for their upcoming opus, “Don’t Forget Us: A Chekhovian Song Cycle.” Drawing inspiration from the timeless works of Anton Chekhov, this conceptual masterpiece promises to be a transcendental journey through the human experience. Set to release in the spring of 2024, it features a stellar lineup including the likes of Chris Giarmo (of “American Utopia” fame), Jessie Shelton (from the acclaimed “Hadestown”), the versatile Karl Blau, the soulful Starr Busby, and many more luminaries from the musical realm.

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With Permanent Moves at the helm, prepare to embark on a sonic odyssey that blurs the lines between reality and reverie, inviting you to lose yourself in the melodic embrace of their unparalleled artistry. Don’t miss your chance to be swept away by the magic of “Don’t Forget Us: A Chekhovian Song Cycle.”


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