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Nadine Finsterbusch defies societal expectations with her upcoming album, “MY SPACE,” carving out a distinct territory for herself in the music world. At 44, she’s uninterested in conforming to stereotypes about women her age. Instead, she’s embracing a sense of youthful vigor, uninhibited passion, and raw emotion.

The album, comprised of 10 electrifying electropop tracks, resonates with an impulsive energy reminiscent of youth. Through her music, Finsterbusch revisits her teenage self with bravery and sincerity, shedding the cloak of bitterness that often accompanies adulthood.

In her lead single, “You Make me Forget,” Finsterbusch asserts her autonomy and control over her own life, refusing to be dictated by others. The pulsating beats and ethereal synths create a captivating soundscape, drawing listeners into Finsterbusch’s world of self-discovery and empowerment.

Drawing inspiration from her early idol, Björk, Finsterbusch infuses her vocals with a vehement innocence that echoes the Icelandic icon. Having previously explored avant-garde pop with the band Phinsterbush, Finsterbusch now ventures into solo territory, embracing a poppier, more playful sound that reflects her individuality.

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Collaborating with producer Ramin Bijan, Finsterbusch brings her raw emotions and personal experiences to life through her music. Each song is a snapshot of her journey, born from impulsive creativity and introspection.


K-Pop, particularly the influence of BTS, plays a significant role in shaping Finsterbusch’s current creative direction. Their infectious energy and fan love reignite her passion for music, inspiring spontaneous improvisations like listing BTS band members in her song “Make Some Time.”

“My Space” isn’t just an album—it’s a declaration of ownership over her identity and emotions. It’s a space where Finsterbusch invites listeners to embrace their feelings without reservation, mirroring the uninhibited spirit of adolescence. So, why so serious? With “My Space,” Nadine Finsterbusch invites us to rediscover the joy of simply being ourselves, unapologetically and authentically.


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