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In the eclectic realm of alt-rock, Brooklyn’s Earthquake Lights emerges as a sonic anomaly, defying the conventional boundaries of the genre. Their music, akin to a carefully crafted tapestry, weaves together orchestral strings, jazz-infused grooves, and rock influences, evoking comparisons to the likes of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and Beck.

Their latest opus, “Desert Bloom,” has not only captivated listeners but also ascended the charts with remarkable frequency, securing its place among the iTunes and Apple Music elites. Moreover, their collaboration with Vulfpeck on “The Joy of Music, the Job of Real Estate” further solidifies their standing in the music industry.

However, Earthquake Lights isn’t merely about chart success; their artistry delves deeper, exploring the societal impact of social media on our collective psyche. Through their poignant track “Pictures,” featuring the ethereal vocals of Lindsey Lomis, they navigate the murky waters of modern relationships and digital nostalgia.

In “Pictures,” Lomis’s mesmerising vocals intertwine with a haunting melody, prompting introspection on the nature of connection in a digital age. Frontman Rodenhouse’s lyrical prowess elucidates the bittersweet allure of reminiscence and the existential questions that accompany it.

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As Earthquake Lights delve into this thematic labyrinth, they find a fitting collaborator in Lomis, whose vocal prowess and emotive delivery elevate the song to new heights. Her upcoming tour with Jacob Collier further underscores her burgeoning presence in the music scene.

In a musical landscape often marred by conformity, Earthquake Lights and Lindsey Lomis stand as beacons of innovation, offering a poignant reflection on the complexities of modern existence through their transcendent artistry.



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