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Crash-landing into the tumultuous realm of post-punk rock, milkshed. unleashes their third single, “Mud,” with a ferocity that belies their newcomer status. With a nod to the grunge gods and a surge of raw energy, it’s hard to ignore the seismic impact of this track. Delving deep into the emotional trenches, “Mud” draws inspiration from the disorienting experience of leaving home and forging a new path—a sentiment that resonates with anyone who’s felt adrift in the world.

For Jake Tulley and Cam Gallaher, the roots of milkshed.’s sound trace back to their formative years, where a shared passion for music ignited a bond that transcends time. “Mud” channels the spirit of rebellious anthems past, fusing echoes of Nirvana’s angst-ridden fervor with the melodic punch of The Police. The result? A sonic tapestry that’s as timeless as it is arresting.

But milkshed. isn’t just about raw power and primal screams; they’ve also got substance in spades. Teaming up with Grammy-winning maestro Adrian Bushby for their debut EP, the band has refined their sound to a razor-sharp edge. Bushby’s seasoned guidance pushed them to new heights, demanding a level of precision that only amplified their creative vision.

In the sonic crucible of milkshed.’s sound lab, 90s grunge collides with garage rock grit, tempered by a pop sensibility that’s as infectious as it is unexpected. Comprising Cam Gallaher, Jake Tulley, and Alf Grey, this trio of troubadours has crafted a musical concoction that’s as enigmatic as it is irresistible.

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Hailing from the depths of Southwest England, milkshed. draws inspiration from their rustic surroundings, working their magic in a disused milking parlour. It’s this unconventional backdrop that infuses their music with an authenticity that can’t be replicated.

From the blistering declaration of intent in “Apex Predator” to the incendiary blaze of “Burning Bridges,” milkshed. has wasted no time staking their claim in the musical landscape. With a debut performance at Glastonbury Festival already under their belt and a release party for “Mud” on the horizon, the stage is set for milkshed. to conquer new frontiers and captivate audiences far and wide. So mark your calendars and brace yourselves—milkshed. is ready to rock your world in 2024 and beyond.


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