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Théo Perek’s debut single “Drunk” from his upcoming ‘Breaches’ EP is a tantalising introduction to his sonic universe. This ambient electro composition, reminiscent of the ethereal soundscapes of Massive Attack, the avant-garde artistry of Björk, and the emotive resonance of Son Lux, beckons listeners into a world where music and emotion are intimately intertwined.

“Drunk” is an evocative track that masterfully captures the sensation of inebriation through its intricate auditory elements. The stumbling, wobbling drums set an unpredictable rhythm that mimics the unsteady gait of a staggering person. These percussive elements are both grounding and disorienting, creating a sense of movement that is both erratic and entrancing.

Complementing the drums, the swaying synths weave a lush, undulating backdrop that feels almost liquid in its fluidity. These synths oscillate with a hypnotic quality, drawing listeners deeper into Perek’s dreamlike soundscape. The melody, sung with a deliberate sense of abandon, floats effortlessly above the instrumental layers, adding a touch of raw vulnerability to the composition.

The accompanying music video further amplifies the track’s thematic core. Through a series of visually striking elements, it brings to life the song’s central motif of a staggering individual. The visuals and music together create an immersive experience that is both poignant and mesmerizing.

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With “Drunk,” Théo Perek not only showcases his prowess as a composer and performer but also sets the stage for what promises to be a compelling and innovative EP. As we await the full release of ‘Breaches,’ this single offers a tantalizing glimpse into the intimate and intricate world Perek has crafted, leaving us eager for more.


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