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Refusing to compromise on their stirring brand of articulate post-punk that tackles issues of injustice with an unflinching attitude and meticulous musicianship, “All We Need Is Sanctuary” is arms open wide plea for a world whose occupants are all too ready to watch it burn.

As poised as it is punchy, the track pits ringing guitars against big drums with shimmering percussion and imploring vocals as the song contrasts the insanity of city existence during the pandemic lockdown with the sanity of life in nature. Deux Furieuses explain:

“‘All We Need Is Sanctuary’ is our SOS from this scorched Planet Earth. It describes a journey from the pandemic pressure of an overcrowded city to an old world of trees, springs, paths and stars. An SOS from scrambled minds in search of the sanity of the sanctuary, as the sanctuary itself, is under threat of extinction.”

“All We Need Is Sanctuary” follows “Know The Score” and “Bring Down The Government” as strident samplers of what to expect from Deux Furieuses third full-length LP, ‘Songs From Planet Earth’. Landing on 11 November, the album is the band’s second with Xtra Mile Recordings and was written over the course of the last two turbulent years.

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Touching on the maelstrom of socio-political issues that continue to dominate the UK, from widespread inequality and the ongoing outcomes of the pandemic to environmental issues and gender politics, the album takes unflinching aim at a government completely incompetent to deal with them.

Recorded in October 2021 as part of a two-week residential album session at Grange Farm Studio, the album was self-produced by the band for the first time. Assistant production was added by Isi Clarke who also recorded the album with mix/post-production by Mark Freegard (The Breeders). A special guest appearance comes from Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine), who plays bass on the previous single “Bring Down The Government”, a track which when released in June 2022 was met with the immediate resignation of Boris Johnson.

A band on a mission and unafraid to make a bold statement, about the themes at the heart of the new album they say:

“‘Songs From Planet Earth’ is a beating heart signal out from this world as we fall spinning into a vortex of pandemic, isolation, avoidable deaths, political corruption, personal mourning and ultimately survival. The album documents the journey from the city to the countryside like refugees in search of sanctuary.”

Deux Furieuses are Scottish vocalist and guitarist Ros Cairney and Greek/London-based drummer Vas Antoniadou. Formed in London in 2013 with a mission to shine a light on the sickening inequalities they saw in the world around them, the duo went on to release their debut album ‘Tracks of Wire’ in 2016 which drew acclaim from the likes of Louder Than War, Q Magazine, Radio X’s John Kennedy and Frank Turner. Signing to Xtra Mile Recordings in 2019, they released their Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) produced second album ‘My War Is Your War’, with the label also on board to release its long-anticipated follow-up this Winter.


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