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Get ready to welcome summer with a burst of cool energy and a nostalgic feel as the Danish-Irish pop sensation, Selma Higgins, drops her latest single, ‘Summertime’.

Selma Higgins, renowned for blending her Irish folk roots with an eclectic mix of genres—from the authentic grooves of 70’s funk to the rebellious spirit of rock, the infectious beats of disco, and the breezy vibes of indie pop—has crafted a unique alternative pop sound. Her artistry is anchored by skillful songwriting, making each of her tracks a distinctive experience.

‘Summertime’ is no exception. With its infectious groove, bold surf guitars, and Selma’s playful, unique voice, this new single is the perfect, warm, and colorful love song about summer. Selma describes her inspiration, saying, “I wanted to make it a sensuous, sensual song, almost like Grease’s ‘Summer Nights’. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach and wanting to open yourself to someone. And the excitement because it’s the summer, anything can happen. And that’s such a feeling.”

This track celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the charm of awkwardness, weaving a story where attraction isn’t just about looks but the energy a person exudes. The chorus, reminiscent of spoken word, adds a modern twist to the nostalgic pop sound, making ‘Summertime’ a delightful listen. Co-produced by Danish international hitmaker Ronni Vindahl—known for his work with MØ, Avicii, and Kendrick Lamar—this single promises a fresh yet timeless vibe.

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Since her debut in 2020 with a folk-inspired EP rooted in her Nordic and Irish heritage, Selma Higgins has been on an upward trajectory. She redefined her sound in March 2023 with ‘Sunlight’, garnering international acclaim from outlets like METAL Magazine (ES), Ones To Watch (US), and HUNGER Magazine (UK). ‘Sunlight’ even became “Song of the Week” on Danish national radio P3, cementing its status as a nationwide hit.

Praised as “A meteor strike in Danish music” by leading culture newspaper Politiken, Selma Higgins continues to defy musical boundaries with flawless singles like ‘CAN’T DO THIS’ and ‘A Family’.

With ‘Summertime’, Selma Higgins is set to make your summer unforgettable. So, turn up the volume, feel the warmth, and let the music take you on a sun-soaked journey of love and possibility.


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