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Following his successful collaboration with Anessa on “Ajutor”, SASU has now joined forces with the talented Irisha for their latest single, “Lonely”. This track blends elements of synth-pop, showcasing Irisha’s harmonious voice and turning the song into a heartfelt anthem for those grappling with loneliness. With its impressive production and soulful lyrics, SASU and Irisha have crafted a powerful experience that will resonate deeply with listeners.

“Lonely” is part of SASU’s upcoming album, “Electric Beginnings”, set to be available on specialized platforms starting May 18. Reflecting on their collaboration, SASU shared, “I met Irisha at the filming of the music video for ‘Ajutor’. She made my outfit, and we got along very well from the beginning. I heard her mention wanting to return to music, and after some discussion, I suggested collaborating on a song. She agreed, and that’s how ‘Lonely’ came to be. It’s a culmination of our connection, and the music video was serendipitously shot on her birthday and completed on mine. I am thrilled to work with Irisha, who has a unique and special voice.”

Irisha added, “Within weeks of meeting, we were in the studio and emerged with this beautiful result that we’re both very proud of. We filmed a clip where I had the freedom to experiment stylistically, and we love the outcome. SASU is a remarkable person with strong values, and our collaboration felt natural and effortless.”

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Adrian Sasu, known as SASU, began his journey in music at 15 as a DJ, creating numerous remixes of popular Romanian hits. His notable collaborations include working with DJ SAVA on “No Lie” and with IVO on tracks like “Make Me Yours” and “No Lie”, capturing the essence of freedom and joy. SASU has continued to release music that evokes the spirit of summer with songs like “Sticle Goale”, “We Le Le”, “Losing Battle”, and “More Than Enough” in six versions with new artist Anessa.

Irisha, originally from Moldova, has a rich musical background, having attended the “Ștefan Neaga” College of Music, the Academy of Music, Theater and Visual Arts, and obtaining a Master’s in Jazz Singing. Coming from a family of musicians, she learned piano at 14, making music an integral part of her life. Six years ago, Irisha released her debut tracks “Fosta Ta” featuring UDDI and “You Lose”.

Together, SASU and Irisha’s “Lonely” is a testament to the serendipity and passion in their musical journey, promising to leave a lasting impression on their audience.


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