Paper Lanterns by Catch The Breeze
Catch The Breeze will release the single Paper Lanterns and accompanying video from the forthcoming debut album Glow on 12 January 2018. The debut album will be released on Kundalini Records (DK) on 16 March 2018

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You are transported instantly! The music of Catch the Breeze beckons you into sonic landscapes, elevates you with melodic themes and sends sparks flying, splitting dark, pensive moods.

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The songs range from stark minimalism to adventurous compositions. Lush swells of swirling guitars are contrasted by tight drums and catchy bass. At the center stands the voice of Aage Hedensted, a deep baritone that communicates poetic and evocative lyrics that revolves around themes such as longing, night and inner-city life.

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