Black Light White Light is a psych rock band based in Malmo, Sweden, centred around founder Martin Ejlertsen (vocals/ guitars), who formed the group in 2009. BLWL creates spacious and distorted soundscapes echoing with a fuzzy feeling, vatchy songs drenched in psychedelia enveloped with dark and pervasive melancholy.

Black Light White Light was out of a love for American psychedelic rock, beat poets and English shoegaze. “I had been playing post-rock and very atmospheric and almost cinematic large-scale rock for years and felt it was time to try something new largely inspired by the new wave of fantastic rock bands popping up in start 2000s with The White Stripes, The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs etc,” Martin explains. “So I started Black Light White Light and that has really always been pretty much a solo project with a bunch of different, good friends playing with me over time. I work a lot with duality all the time. Light against darkness. Melodies versus noise. I always want my music to have an edge.”

“On the new album ‘Horizons’, keyboards and synthesizers are a new central element. That has really taken my inspiration, songwriting and the overall sound of this project to a whole new level. The band hitting the road now is a whole new Danish-Swedish line-up. Only Viktor. the drummer. has played with me since 2015 and contributed to the new album.”

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About the track “King Kong”:

“The theme to King Kong deals with a personal craving for wild passion that hits you so hard, that your life is turned upside down. The constant striving after the ultimate state where lived life and uncontrollable emotions are lifting you up in a new state of mind – like a drug of love. Like something you strive after but really cannot explain. It is beautiful and also terrifying scary. Like a monster. It attracts and repels at one time”.

“This song was the first written for the new album. And one of the hardest songs I’ve done to record. Mainly because it really took some time to figure out the right structure and how to catch the right atmosphere. We did a lot of rebuilding, editing back and forward in the studio with this one, but in the end it turned out to be one of my absolute top tracks ever recorded. I love it.”


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