The young melodic indie-act explores new territory on new single Tsukuyomi! They have already managed to pick up a wealth of support from the likes of Clash Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine & Overblown through the releases of their EP’s Real Time Fiction (2016) & later Head Down (2018. Now the two brothers J ulius & Victor Schack are ready to release their debut-album Confessions in March, 2019 and today they share lead single Tsukuyomi.

A song that showcases a different style compared to the bands previous releases. During the writing of their debut album they’ve taken a more more minimalistic approach. Still melodic, still guitar driven. But definitely a fresh, and more dynamic soundscape – which hopefully will expand their audience and break borders between niche & mainstream.

Tsukuyomi is a reference to the character Ithachis fighting style in the anime Naruto where he traps people inside an imaginary world of his design. It is named after a Japanese Shinto Moon God. So the song Tsukuyomi is a reflection on the time we live in, our so-called post modern world. On how it can feel as though information and views are shoved down our throats and that this almost imaginary world of information stalks us around always and constant like the Moon. 

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“We’ve never wished to be labelled as a punk/noise band. So on this record it was important for me, to be true to myself and write and produce everything totally DIY.” explains lead singer and guitarist Victor Ryle Schack. Tsukuyomi is the first single from the bands upcoming album “Confessions” which will be out through We are Suburban on March 15th.


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