Luyos MC (MaryCarl Guiao) is a daughter of Maharlikan lands, birthed from a lineage of benevolent engineers, kitchen goddesses, public-spirited politicians and so many more guides that she holds in her heart. 

For years, she engaged in bottom-up community care-work (including hosting/producing Migrant Matters Radio for independent media and offering economically accessible yoga classes, prioritizing non-status people, migrant workers, and low-income racialized and Indigenous people). 

Through a unique admixture of Lumad & Moro rhythms, grounding vocals, and electronic soundscapes, MaryCarl continues to communicate an appreciation for culture where building respectful, non-judgmental, present, consensual, mutually empathetic relationships with all life prevails amidst the pervasiveness of interlocking, colonial, imperialistic, capitalistic systems and dynamics such as racism, classism, and patriarchy. 


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