Sarah Kinsley’s new single “Karma” released through the new independent record label, Everybody’s Music, is a propulsive, timeless disco sound with an almost Rumours-Esque Fleetwood Mac ear for melody and drive. It sounds almost of another era, but also fresh and exciting, existing in a bubble all of its own.

A multi-talented musician, Sarah performs all synths, beats, guitars and vocals, whilst also taking up duty behind the glass in the production seat too. It’s a bright and breezy introduction, with an EP due to following later in the Spring.

“’Karma’ was written completely by mistake around July or August of this past year. I had hit a wall with another song I was writing, I had such a terrible writer’s block. All the lyrics I had churned out were repetitive, all pseudo-copycats of past work. I was recording a voice memo – as it usually goes since I love recording everything I sing or attempt to say – just mumbling on and on trying to expand the lyrics of this other song for a few minutes. And then there’s a moment in the recording where you can hear me actually realize these two phrases rhyme, karma and I want ya. I just completely moved to the next idea and started singing. Your superstition, my intuition says I want ya. Everything completely set fire after that. I turned on my amp and began settling into chords. I produced the chorus that same day.” – Sarah Kinsley


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