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Pulsing basslines and swirling synths, dance alongside barely-there off-centre musical moments, reflecting a driving force of optimism juxtaposed against an unsettling state of exhaustion. Intricate ambient textures shimmer atop to weave together a seductive abstract world that delivers melancholy and hope in equal measures.

Speaking about the video Skott said “We’re trying to please alternate dimension versions of ourselves in the video, constantly dissed on TV by the changing of channels. We were going for that endless channel-surfing, bored and under stimulated vibe, which fits the song perfectly. Plus, we got to go nuts and play 90s dress up in my apartment, which was a pretty fun day at work. After the wild ride of the past year, I feel people can probably relate to a lot of the lyrics. Even though it’s about being exhausted, the song has this driving beat that just doesn’t quit, like you’re SOOO tired but you just can’t find it within yourself to give up. There’s also something almost beautiful in the melody too, with a darkness, but still a tiny glimmer of hope.

She continued to talk about the collaboration “Tired wasn’t supposed to be a song for Skott, originally. When I wrote it with my guitarist and friend Shylde, I was only there as a songwriter. But we had way too much fun making it and I got attached… I couldn’t help myself from singing along, and as these melodies emerged it became obvious that we just had to do this one together.”

Tired’ follows Skott’s 12-track debut album ‘Always Live For Always’ released in 2020. The artist’s genre-defying debut single ‘Porcelain’ catapulted her to overnight stardom, the track amassed tens of millions of plays across streaming platforms and secured the approval of megastars Katy Perry and Lorde in the process. Tracks from her debut album were supported by the likes of BBC Radio 1, The Times, Billboard, NME, The Line Of Best Fit, Pigeons & Planes, Earmilk, Idolator, Refinery 29 and PAPER Magazine to name but a few.

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Releases to date have amassed over 100 million streams, reached #1 globally on Hype Machine, and presented opportunities for the artist to support acts like MØ and Phantogram. Skott has headlined tours in both Europe and the US, and in February shared new album material live in London to rave reviews. This global take over stands in stark contrast to the small wooded Swedish village of Vikarbyn where Skott grew up, known for its traditional customs and own language. However, it is this unique way of life and upbringing that has enabled Skott to truly walk her own path and create a world entirely of her own.

In the delicate process of writing and recording her debut album, Skott searched for a way to release new music without having to compromise on her creative vision. When the opportunity presented itself, she started her own record label, ‘Dollar Menu’.


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