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Welsh artist Bethan Lloyd is a creative force to be reckoned with, whose ethereal vocals transport listeners into a realm of hypnotic trance. Her unique sound is a blend of rave-inspired production, harmonic layering, and otherworldly ecstasy, creating an ocean of sound that’s impossible to resist.

Bethan’s musical journey began with classical training as a singer, but her thirst for experimentation and adventure took her to Berlin’s thriving experimental music scene. Her desire for knowledge led her to learn from magicians, masters, and the ancient teachings of the natural world, expanding her artistic horizons in ways that few can imagine.

In her latest single, “No Umbilical,” Bethan has teamed up with her Jet Pack Dog bandmate and master of noise, Isaac Ray, to create a track that showcases her intense explorations of the spirit and emotional realms. The result is a playful and danceable gritty experimental pop sound that captures the essence of Bethan’s unique musical style.

Bethan Lloyd is a true visionary, whose ability to blend seemingly disparate elements into a cohesive, mesmerizing whole is nothing short of magical. With “No Umbilical,” she has once again demonstrated her mastery of the art of music, leaving listeners spellbound and eager for more.

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