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Keyan’7e is already unique in his own right. The moniker of Chicago born keyan’te, his melodic flows and catchy bars encompass only part of his musical craft; he also produces, mixes and masters his own beats.

It’s been a hell of a couple of years for keyan’7e but this is just the beginning. Raised by his mother and father who influenced his musical taste at a young age, he would soak up the sounds of his mom’s love of neo-soul and R&B, such as Missy Elliott, or Tupac. keyan’te shares, “While in the car with my pops we mostly listened to OutKast, the Dungeon Family and Goodie Mob.” keyan’te found his passion for making and writing music at high school. “I would ride my bike to Walgreens and go get that 15 dollar karaoke mic and plug that joint into my computer and rap over my own beats,” he reminisces.

keyan’7e takes influence from the likes of Kanye West, Drake, Andre 3000, Ludacris and Travis Scott. In his latest track “ain’t finish the song yet,” the songwriter was inspired by his life experiences as he explains, “My music is inspired by everything around me: my friends, family, growing up, my observations of life.” The single is brimming with energy, from clean trumpet puffs, icy toned bells, a hip-hop glaze and a kaleidoscope of backing production filling the track in high frequencies and power. keyan7e’s tone is confident, laxed, laced in charm and full of character.

With a flush of Detroit vibe rap and dripping in an R&B fire “aint finish the song yet” is a fusion of life experiences, drawing on colourful freestyles. After setting off in a state of improvisation, the bars piled up and before the track was even done it was being fired into a single, hence the apt title, “ain’t finish the song yet.” keyan7e shares, “This release definitely has a hype vibe so you need to be in the car and turn that joint all the way up and enjoy.”

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Continuing to collaborate with notable producers, songwriters and artists in the industry, the sky’s the limit for this talented young artist.


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