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“Drug Rugs” is a song about experiencing catharsis through a psychedelic experience.

A story of friends who set for an excursion through the desert trying to find inspiration and meaning in the natural and barren terrain while under the influence of an altering, mind-expanding substance

DON UGLY is a singer-songwriter, Kash Erickson, from Jacksonville, FL. Creating the moniker while attending college in Orlando, FL, his music is a representation of the Ebb and flow of life lyrically portrayed in a subliminal and satirical fashion. With a wide diverse range of influences from Deftones to Father John Misty, Jim James to Tom Waits, Don Ugly’s music is a multi-genre’d variety of dark country acoustic ballads, Indie alternative bass music with psychedelic avant rock impressions Currently a solo artist, Don Ugly’s live performance is a spectacle that consists of subliminal storytelling delivered with his distinct and consoling tenor range that is backed up by a guitar and a loop pedal that will make you forget there is only one guy performing.


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