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Yr Familiar is described as “gothic synth-pop” with the introduction of singles, Cluster Lover and Lavender Gold. Singer-songwriters, Breannen Stanbridge (Loomer) and Shem Allen (Skinny Jean) and Shane Rudken (Regurgitator, Ponyloaf), have combined pop, goth and electronica to create music that is alluring and a little gritty.

Inspired by Brian Eno, Dead Can Dance, Portishead and New Order, Yr Familiar combines effect-laden synths, guitars with honeyed vocals and heavenly harmonies.

You will find us amongst the pine trees in Wild Horse Mountain, Queensland, Australia

Grief stalks love like prey, just as intense, just as big, grief is love’s dark twin. Yr Familiar was formed when each band member experienced the grief of a personal relationship dissolving….and Breathe was conceived, the first song was written by the band. I’ll depart in disgust, hear the thump of my heart

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Breathe opens with Shane Rudken, acclaimed synth-punk alumni of Regurgitator, producing a sweeping soundscape from a vintage juno synthesiser. Breannen Bridge’s effortlessly poignant lyrics are outstanding, delivering a vocal performance oozing with vulnerability whilst conveying the impact of relationship breakdowns through her smoky and enigmatic range.  Pleasing harmonies and a progressive backbeat cuts through the synth swamp, piercing through the glinting black veil, woven relentlessly throughout the song. 

Set amongst the pines, the music video supports Yr Familiars stoic advice:
Breath in and out and walk away.

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