16-year-old taffeite (Ad) is a Guatemalan LGBT alternative singer and songwriter turning emotions and experiences into art.

He began playing the piano at 7 years old, starting his music journey. They began uploading covers to YouTube in 2018. He aspires to keep changing and evolving in music and in life, never sticking to their comfort zone.

Uploadeding his first-ever song “Once More” to YouTube. Their first release to all platforms was their debut album “” in October of 2020. After the release of “Smash the Piano!”, taffeite released a remastered version of his track “Lovers” created by Eke Galindo from. “” and “”, two songs from his second album, “ALT&ALL” were semi-finalists in the “lyrics” and “teen” categories of the International Songwriting Competition.

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To celebrate pride month, taffeite and fellow queer artists collaborated for an uplifting single. As a throwback, they released a remix of created by in July. Taffeite released his longest album named, a “folk-pop emotional experience representing letters addressed to people, situations, and feelings.” produced by Medusa (production company) and taffeite himself.


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