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“Arrival” is simply the feeling of finding what you were looking for, after endless searching. It’s the second single from my LP due to land in early 2022 – written, recorded, produced, and engineered entirely by myself.

EVA will depict a traveller exploring the cosmos, and so this song is the feeling of arriving in a new solar system extremely alive with energy, and seeing that it is full of life and other flying crafts.

The concept of flight and the sounds heard in the cockpit greatly inspired me. You’ll feel like you’re flying, with wind and debris going by your ears. There’s a sample in there, of noise I recorded out in the world. I was walking through a park, and there was this man driving a clearly homemade remote control car around. It was so loud, it sounded like a plane. I thought “that’s perfect!” and pulled out my phone to record.

That’s what you hear in those first few seconds of the instrumental track.

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