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’You & Me’ is the soundtrack to your next heartbreak – and the first ever single by the emerging Danish indie-pop artist, veiles.

There is nothing pretentious about ‘You & Me’. In fact, this song could easily have been the screenplay for one of those classic romantic movies that everyone loves to hate. It is a song by a songwriter, who’s not afraid – or ashamed – of embracing the cliché. And why is that? Probably because there’s nothing pretentious about veiles either.

‘You & Me’ is an alternative pop song introducing an exciting newcomer from Denmark. With a voice as graceful as she looks, veiles sings her own words about the eternally recurring subject of love – and even though it revolves around its difficulties and confusion, ‘You & Me’ also celebrates the ecstatic madness of falling in love.

“I often feel like the main character in a film, running head over heels through the airport to stop the plane and declare my love to that one special person onboard. Out of breath, I reach the gate. It’s closed, the plane is off, I’m too late. That’s life and love – it happens right in front of you and when you least expect it. So, I wrote ‘You & Me’ as a reminder that true love does exist,” veiles says.

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To the sound of a strumming acoustic guitar, veiles takes the floor with her present voice that showcases a singer who is both fragile and powerful. The alternative pop song slowly builds its humble crescendo into an unforgettably catchy chorus that, inescapably, is going to be the soundtrack of your next heartbreak – or Summer love!

veiles is independent artist, Esther Møller Fogh. She was born in Aarhus, Denmark but is currently living in the German capital of Berlin. She’s a self-taught songwriter and with the guitar between her hands, she writes her own honest stories portraying the ecstasy of the youth, life’s expectations and ups and downs through captivating pop melodies.


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