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Francesca Louise is an indie/folk singer-songwriter, whose soulful, Carole King inspired vocals paired with songwriting influences from the likes of Joni Mitchell, Lucy Rose and The Staves, makes this artist one to watch.

Poignant and heartbreaking, the new song “For Michael” is an emotive ode to a close family friend who tragically lost their life in 2019. Sat on her bedroom floor slumped against a futon, Louise tearfully penned this melancholic memoir as a way of expressing the thoughts and feelings she had shut away in her subconscious surrounding the loss. Dazed in shock and in a cloud of confusion, the track unfolded into a form of therapy and way of healing, with the songwriter admitting, “At times I surprise myself with what appears on paper. I answer questions that I didn’t even know needed to be answered. Writing is a part of my healing process when life is spinning and events are unfolding. It’s my therapy.”

Wanting to keep a raw and untouched approach to the production, Louise recorded the song at her home in Lancashire with no room treatment and just one microphone. Beautifully simplistic, the exposed guitar chords and heavenly vocals allow the vulnerability of the lyrics to take focus. Washed with dusky hues and comforting melodies, the song questions the reality and reasons for such a passing, and how close the state of being and of not being can really be.

BBC Introducing stations across the U.K, independent radio stations alike and radio, magazines and podcasts in the U.S.A have shown huge support towards Louise’s career, especially since her latest release. Louise’s songwriting ability is catching the attention of industry known producers and other established songwriters that are active in today’s industry.

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