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“Here and Now” glides effortlessly with key-laden pulsations, building quaintly prior to a darker shift past the one-minute mark. The initial bouncier, effervescent qualities return shortly thereafter, then accompanied by spacey, eerie synth-laden resonance.

“The music is of competing personalities of which I could find no suitable victor,” Gomez says of the track. “Instead I let their energies burn out to give way to a numinous postlude whose dreamy texture of stacked rhythmic and melodic patterns are inspired by MGMT’s ‘Siberian Breaks.'”

“The title was added after the track was completed and inspired by the novel ‘Island‘ by Aldous Huxley. The ethereal nature of the postlude reminded me of the sensation of presence. To be “here and now,” accepting of all the good and the bad, free from any clutter of past and future, provides us with the opportunity to remind ourselves what/who brings us joy and fulfilment in life.”


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