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RoseeLu seemed unstoppable last year! The Copenhagener released four singles in less than 8 months, got into heavy rotation on national Danish radio, had a global online hit with an unreleased song clocking up billions of streams soundtracking Victoria’s Secret campaign and at the same time, RoseeLu became one of the most hyped and talked about new artists on the international blogosphere.

But the young singer is not slowing down…

This year, RoseeLu is gonna take her new school pop-nostalgia to a whole different level kicking off 2022 with a bit of ‘Overthinking’. This is a song about a young, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants to do in her life but how doubt can bring anyone off course.

“Most of the time, I’m totally aware of my own thoughts and I know how to control them – make them mine and turn them into positive vibes and self-care. But sometimes, I doubt. Then all these unconscious, irrational thoughts take over my head and make me hypersensitive. I know, I’m not the only one overthinking life, so I had to write a song about it,” RoseeLu tells.

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As a kid, RoseeLu grew up to the sound of her dad’s piano, wrote her first melodies in kindergarten and eventually decided to follow her own dream and ambition to become a full-time musician when she quit high school, left home and moved to Copenhagen at the age of just 17. She has always done things her way and with that courage and raw independent power in her strong voice, RoseeLu is by far one of the most exciting new female artists of the Nordics.


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