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Get ready to groove to the beat of Asha’s latest album, “Magic,” as the talented solo songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist takes you on a musical journey that transcends genres. With a unique style that blends indie pop, rock, world music, and trip-hop, Asha’s music is a true masterpiece that will leave you spellbound.

Asha’s passion for music began in her teens, and she honed her skills at Northeastern University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree with a focus on Music Technology and Composition. After moving to Brooklyn to pursue her dreams, Asha collaborated with other indie musicians and established herself in the music scene. Now based in Los Angeles, Asha has self-released several EPs and albums, and her highly anticipated new album, “Magic,” is set to drop later this year.

In a recent interview, Asha shared her excitement about her latest single, “Kiss Me Tender,” which showcases her funky side. “For ‘Kiss Me Tender,’ I wanted to make something fun, something light-hearted because I’m known for writing a lot of sad girl songs,” Asha revealed.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of disco and funk songs since Covid, and I think they helped me through that dark period. This song is a culmination of a lot of funky listening for the better part of 2 years. I did everything on the track except a few guitar licks (shout out to my friend Brian Naas), and I really enjoyed writing this funky bass line.”

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The excitement doesn’t stop there! The music video for “Kiss Me Tender” is a visual feast, with Asha playing the role of a saucy nun who is trying to summon Satan to be her man while slowly getting sexier throughout the video. “I stumbled upon this church space downtown and thought, this looks goth, I love it! We should make a video there,” Asha explained.

“My friend and director David Broder loved the idea I came up with, and we had a lot of fun on this shoot. I storyboarded the whole thing, which is new for me, I choreographed a dance (I am not a dancer), but I loved how it turned out. It feels like it fits in my body of work.”

So get ready to experience the magic of Asha’s latest album, “Magic,” and don’t miss out on the funky, fun vibes of “Kiss Me Tender” and its epic music video. Asha’s music is the perfect blend of creativity and talent that will leave you wanting more!


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