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The internet with its rabbit holes, slipperiness, and propensity for mis- and disinformation inspired me to write “Kaleidoscope.”

I wanted parts of this song to evoke the same tense, frantic feeling that the internet can sometimes give, paired with a chorus that lifts its way out of that mood.

The accompanying “Kaleidoscope” music video was filmed at Halifax’s indoor theatre for Shakespeare By The Sea. Director Meg Hubley (they/she) of Phyllis Rising Productions came up with the idea of setting it in a steadily shrinking room. The strange and surreal figure in the video is played by Mads Higgins (they/them), a circus performer, who moves around the room in a series of graceful and eerie poses.

The lyrics of “Kaleidoscope” evolved extensively as time went on. Given that this song considers the importance of care and precision in language, I felt even more attentive to the lyrics than usual.

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