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In the enchanting realm of Danish music, one name stands out amidst a sea of talent: eee gee, the musical alter ego of the captivating singer-songwriter Emma Grankvist. After a remarkable debut in 2022 with her critically acclaimed album ‘Winning’, which garnered numerous 5-star reviews and even earned her the prestigious “Album of the Year” accolade, eee gee has solidified her position as an alt-pop sensation in her homeland.

Now, poised to conquer new heights, she is ready to unleash her highly anticipated sophomore album, aptly titled ‘SHE-REX’, scheduled to hit the airwaves on September 1st of this year. And leading the charge is her irresistible lead single, ‘ghost house’, a delightful composition that weaves a playful tale of haunted romance over velvety retro beats and sun-soaked, twangy guitars.

Joining the ranks of her previously released singles, such as ‘more than a Woman’, ‘new year’s Ex’, and ‘Perfect 10’, ‘ghost house’ effortlessly finds its place within eee gee’s newest musical opus. Each track serves as a vibrant thread, woven together to form a tapestry of her artistic vision.

Digging deeper into the inspiration behind ‘ghost house’, eee gee shares a personal anecdote: “I have a good friend who fell head over heels for this guy—a quintessential cool, free-spirited surfer-dude with impeccable hair and an irresistible aura. They plunged into what appeared to be a match made in heaven. He even introduced her to his mom over the phone. But alas, one fateful day, my friend discovered that he had been juggling multiple romantic interests and was far from ready for a committed relationship.” Emma Grankvist pauses, then continues with a knowing smile, “Dating is haunted.If we desire to find genuine love while searching for it, we must first bid farewell to our own destructive habits and preconceived notions of what we think we need. Reflect upon why you seek love in the first place. Once you uncover the answer, I firmly believe that you’ll attract new and captivating individuals who share your intentions.”

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As eee gee continues to bloom in the musical landscape, her journey from Denmark’s most promising young songwriter to an international sensation is nothing short of mesmerizing. Kicking off 2023 with a breathtaking performance at Eurosonic, she made an indelible mark on audiences far and wide. Her summer circuit commenced with a spellbinding appearance at The Great Escape in Brighton, where she graced The Rolling Stone Stage alongside Arlo Parks at The Brighton Dome.

And this summer, eee gee and her band are set to captivate European audiences, gracing notable events such as Roskilde Festival and Tinderbox in Denmark, BBK Festival in Bilbao, and Lollapalooza in Berlin. But the excitement doesn’t stop there—following the release of ‘SHE-REX’, eee gee is destined to enthral fans at the Pitchfork Festivals in both Paris and London.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the irresistible melodies and poetic narratives that eee gee effortlessly weaves together. With ‘SHE-REX’ on the horizon, her musical reign shows no signs of slowing down. Surrender to the magic of eee gee’s music and allow yourself to be swept away on a sonic adventure unlike any other.


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