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The fourth single of Marcus Schmahl a.k.a. coldr and his new label “This Boy Is Electric“ in collaboration with difr.

Both guys fit quite well working together in the studio on music, beats and interesting vocal parts. The new song “Pray For Me“ is about being labelled worse than you really are for hateful reasons.

It’s about asking for strength and will power you to be your best self – through praying. Musically it is again a unique combination of hip-hop, electronica and difr’s words. A catchy hook line with nice and rolling beats and melodies!

Bringing decades of experience and musically diverse backgrounds to his several brands of music, Marcus Schmahl already has releases on uncountable labels. He produced music for film, broadcasting and advertisement companies, pop, dance, techno, house, ambient, downbeat and electronica music, just to name a few. With nearly 30 years of professional studio experience, Mainz’s Marcus Schmahl has grown up surrounded by music. And with his latest exciting projects, his unique style has already topped the charts and earned praise from well-known acts around the world.

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Marcus toured heavily both as Broombeck – playing live techno at clubs like Berghain – and as Guardner and Rauschfaktor, which saw him playing live electronica around Europe. Not long after, his next chapter of techno 2pole was born.

He has been a professional composer, producer, sound designer, mix and mastering engineer since 1993. Marcus was hooked on the electronic sound. Today he writes for artists, TV shows and advertising, and has gold records to his name. His latest project is APNOEA, which is still dance music but sounds much deeper. On top of that, he started coldr in collaboration with singers and rappers and a very deep and emotional sound (hip hop, downbeat, pop, electronica) for his own label “This Boy Is Electric“. But the story has only just begun. And with so much history already written, and so much success with his latest projects, the future is looking long and bright indeed.


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