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With her pure voice, heartfelt lyrics and catchy melody writing, Dixie’s music has a lasting effect on her listeners.

Her love for country music began when she was a teenager and has inspired her to never hold back when telling stories through her songwriting.

Growing up, Dixie was inspired by powerful female musicians like Deana Carter, Sheryl Crow, Dido and Taylor Swift. These artists inspired Dixie to teach herself guitar and start writing her own songs. Dixie’s first 2 releases have both received a brilliant reception with over 500 plays on UK and US radio.

Through her beautiful storytelling, Dixie’s third single is about the realisation of self-worth. Dixie takes us on an exciting journey, following somebody who makes the decision to leave an unhealthy relationship and move to the dazzling city of Paris. Whilst walking through the picture-perfect streets and spending time reflecting on the past, they begin to realise that life is too valuable to spend it changing for somebody else.

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