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Chloe Florence is a euphoric singer-songwriter hailing from Montreal, Canada.

Across her repertoire, her love for singing and songwriting, and her truly remarkable authenticity shine brightly, recognising her as an exceptional artist that bridges pop and R&B into a sound all of her own. Emerging from a family of musicians, her natural ability to visualise a song both instrumentally and lyrically is something her great-grandmother excelled at. Add in the vagabond spice of a Gypsy great-aunt and it’s easy to understand Chloe’s ability to bring her chronicles to life through her enriching musicality.

Combining her multi-instrumentalist talents and remarkable vocal performances with producer Lucas Liberatore, she is soaring back into the scene with her latest single “Synergy”, alongside featured artist Myles Lloyd. In a collaboration like no other, her latest endeavour explores a recurring late-night romance, one which finesses her ability to showcase the very highs and lows of self-discovery. She confides,

“Sonically, Synergy embodies the tipping point, right before one confesses their feelings for the other. They’re addicted to playing with fire as they haven’t been burned (yet). There are feelings hidden under covers and subliminal messages found between the lines of their late-night conversations – in bed and during late-night drives. The lyrics depict the situations as lustful, mysterious, dangerous, and intense.”

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In a realm of cathartic confessionalism, her latest single comes to life. Depicting the perfect blend of fun and fear, Florence continues. “I knew I wanted to write about this recurring experience, this place I kept getting stuck in while dating. It’s a topic I knew a lot of my friends would relate to.” With the word “Catalyst” tattooed on her arm, it’s the songwriter’s hope that her music evokes an unparalleled reaction from her fans, one that opens up space for real, honest dialogue.

The timbre of Chloe’s voice evokes the Jazz and Blues greats of the ’40s, yet the modern tones of R&B and pop. Taking inspiration from many 70’s greats like Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith to the modern sounds of Lana Del Ray, Dua Lipa and Doja Cat, “Synergy” soars with Chloe’s melodious talents. With enriching versus paired effortlessly with bulging basslines and a roaring chorus, the result is a truly exceptional kaleidoscope of sound.

Garnering a significant following across her catalogue to date, Florence graduated from John Abbott CEGEP with a DEC in the Liberal Arts, and continues to showcase the skills she learnt across her program daily. As a passionate artist and avid journalist, her creative exploration never ceases, as she pours her heart and soul into every musical project. With remarkable creative direction and admirable talents, Chloe Florence continues to shape the sound of the future.


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