Blue is a warm colour. “Blue” is also the name of the debut EP by jolle, a Hamburg-based newcomer who found her way to music about a year ago.

With her first single “Sacred Silence” she releases an indie-pop ballad that reminds of a mix of Lana del Rey and RY X: soft vocals on alternative electro beats. It’s about memories – and the good ones at that. Of times of peace and calm before the storm in her head.

The rare moments in the here and now when she can let go and catch her breath before it gets dark again. Depression has accompanied jolle since childhood, with the help of songwriting she has now found a way to process the past. If you will, this EP is her musical diary.

“I was on the road to nowhere, and somehow got stuck there. I never thought I’d get to a point where I couldn’t go on. The process of making Blue has given me back my belief in a real tomorrow and with it my will to live. I now find comfort and support in my sadness instead of losing myself completely in it. That’s why blue is the warmest of all colours for me.”