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In Japan, “Geigi” or “Geiko” are more universally known as “Geisha”. These companions devote their lives to the refined artistic practice of traditional arts for accompanying and entertaining services intended for an often very well-to-do clientele.

It is this name of “Geisha” that these two female artists have decided to take to distribute the first album of their creations. Since they don’t have much to do with these ladies-in-waiting from the age of the shoguns, but rather with the generation of Marvel superheroes, they added the prefix expressing a complementary quality or degree: Super! Our artists have thus become the “Super Geishas”:

Heroines of pop and rap since they live in a universe populated by references to hip hop but also rock and sometimes even grunge metal.

The “Super Geishas” play all the instruments but like to welcome creative partners to the studio who come to bring their experience and their own influences. The dream of our Super Geishas is to one day join the very closed club of fans of the Fujin Club or Women’s Club which contributed to the liberation of feminine thought in Japan and well beyond.

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By not prohibiting the use of all-Japanese onomatopoeia such as those of a smile (niko niko) or even of twinkling (pika pika). Beware of the “Super Geishas”… These girlfriends could well become the kamikazes of the groove.


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