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Lucy & La Mer’s new single “Don’t It Feel Good” embodies the artist’s message of self-acceptance and positivity.

Lucy LaForge, the artist behind the name “Lucy & La Mer”, is known for her upbeat and optimistic songs, as well as for her mental health advocacy within the LGBTQ community. Coming out in an interview in 2018, Billboard stated that the singer is “proud of who and what she is.”

Lucy’s music has been featured by The LA Times, Rolling Stone India, Huffington Post, EARMILK, Billboard Pride, Pride and many more publications. Her music is a blend of pop empowerment with lyrical stylings mirroring her storytelling folk music upbringing.

Often seen performing with a ukulele, Lucy was chosen to feature the new Billie Eilish Ukulele by Fender in Summer 2020 and presented the Dhani Harrison ukulele in 2021. The singer has also collaborated with major brands like IKEA, HP, Guitar Center, and Kala Ukuleles. Her music can be heard in international commercials, with companies such as Disney and Dove using her upbeat tunes in advertisements.

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In 2021, Lucy’s single “Ooh La La” inspired various TikTok influencers to get up and dance. With over 3 million TikTok views, Lucy’s Social Media has become a place of encouragement to many.

Her latest single “Don’t It Feel Good” is a shimmery, sun-drenched pop single all about pure joy after a time of turbulence. She confides, “After spending most of the last two years at home, I really started to feel my insecurities and self-doubts come back when I started to socialize again. But now, I finally feel ready to get back out there and explore and have FUN.”

Her authentic videos spread the message of inclusion and equality, and her catchy tunes continue to reach new listeners every day.