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MARBLE is Matthew Blount and Chantel Bailey. While the record features a rotation of talented, local musicians, the live band has been formed post quarantine.

Chantel and Matthew started playing together in Seattle in around 2016, in the band’s first iteration. MARBLE is a completely independent band and has been able to make an authentic, emotional, and powerful album without the help of a label.

The album was mixed by Brandon Eggleston (Wye Oak, Modest Mouse, The Mountain Goats, Dandy Warhols, etc), produced by Jonah Cohen & MARBLE, and mastered by Ed Brooks (REM, Death Cab for Cutie, Minus the Bear, Fleet Foxes, Pearl Jam, etc).

This record was recorded in several places over the course of ~1.5 years. We lived in Seattle before COVID hit and we started recording with Brandon Busch, also at our friend Tom’s house, and our little underground space at Crybaby Studios in Seattle. In March 2020, everything went to shit, and we couldn’t even access our studio. We ended up moving to Portland and started learning about recording and production.

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This opened us up to start tracking in our basement while working remotely with our producer Jonah. This is when the record started taking shape. It was simultaneously the most rewarding and difficult experience we had faced as a band. It was unclear if or when live music would ever happen again and there were times when we would forget about why we were even making music.

We are convinced that this particular set of circumstances is what led to the beauty of this record. We worked so damn hard to see these songs through and we are proud that we did.


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