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Lydmor – the uncrowned matriarch of Danish electronica – unplugs her machines to create the upcoming 2022 album, ‘Nimue’. The evocative piano-driven lead single, ‘LSD Heart’, is out now.

Lydmor is the moniker of Jenny Rossander. Since the release of her debut album 10 years ago, Jenny has effortlessly remained an unpredictable, new artist with the rare ability to stay timeless. She has become notoriously known for never compromising on the art, always challenging herself and the listener, making Lydmor one of the most renowned artists to come out of Denmark.

In December 2021, Jenny went to Oslo to play the final show of a long-awaited European Tour but eventually, the production was hit by COVID-19. Determined to finish her tour, Jenny sat down by the piano at the venue and played a fully acoustic Lydmor-concert to the astonished crowd. The morning after, she was supposed to fly home to Denmark for x-mas and New Year’s but instead, Jenny booked a studio on a tiny, remote Norwegian island and isolated herself completely.

“I knew, I had to create music without the possibility of hiding myself behind layers of sounds and endless editing. I needed something real with room for everything that’s beautiful, unpleasant, intimate and free. It was a frightening but necessary process to me, that instantly developed into a no break kind of get-mad-or-die-trying session of hugging and fist fighting myself,”

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Jenny Rossander

The new Lydmor album is entitled ‘Nimue’. It’s going to be an organic, lively and naked experience incorporating the natural sounds of the waves from the Norwegian sea and Jenny’s steps as she walks through the snow and across the creaking wooden studio floor to sit by the piano – as if the recordings invite the listener to take a seat right next to the artist herself.

‘LSD Heart’ is the piano-driven lead single – a teeth bite of a feminist song, critiquing modern art, and gender structures, as well as flirtingly presenting an alternative way of loving and existing in modern society. ‘LSD Heart’ is an acoustic remake of a 2019-Lydmor single and the new album will consist of remakes, new songs and covers.

Last year, Lydmor released the multifaceted electro-pop album, ‘CAPACITY’. It was later followed by ‘The Last Call’ – the title track for the critically acclaimed movie, Venuseffekten – that was praised with the award for ‘Best Song’ at this year’s prestigious Danish movie awards, Robert Prisen.

The release of ‘Nimue’ will be followed by an acoustic tour this autumn. Then, what happens next, no one but Lydmor knows…


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